January 3 2016

Better late then never…

So I’ve started off my blog and writing promises badly…

This sounds typical of me at the moment, my head is not where it is meant to be.

It’s now the 3rd of January 2016 and I haven’t done anything, I need to make up for it – how I hear you ask?  I will try to write something each day, and write one extra piece to help the tally.

This piece counts as one piece of writing, so I have two more pieces to do to make it one for each day of the year.  I have some ideas but haven’t decided what to do, as some of the ideas may also be suitable for my thesis this year.  That’s the hard part I need to decide what I am doing for my thesis so I can decide what I can and can not share on here at this time.

For my thesis I have several ideas and I’m not sure which one would work best for me – I need to send an email to my advisor soon and seek her feedback, but maybe if I share my ideas here, I can get some feedback from you.. constructive feedback only please…

Thesis background:

Main part – I must produce a 25,000 words piece of creative writing which can be in the form of a novella, collection of short stories, collection of poems, a play and the like.


My first idea was to write a series of short stories based on random prompts.  I would be able to explore different genres, themes, characters and the like.

My thoughts – This appeals on the grounds that I would be writing to someone else’s criteria – but it may also be a bit of a cope out because I can’t come up with my own ideas.


Same as above but using the same character (with same history and responses) throughout the stories to explore how the character would act or react to the different situations and scenarios.

My thoughts – I like the idea of exploring one character in different situations, but am concerned that the character could become repetitive and boring.


A series of short stories based on my memories growing up and personal prompts (like letters and photos), sharing some of the funny stuff and the hard stuff.

My thoughts – Definitely harder to write, and I am concerned that I will upset people (especially family) with some of my memories and my feelings about those memories (both my feelings then and my feelings now reflecting back on them).  Some of these are not ones I want to share publicly, so they are ones that I would never share on my blog.


Simply put – Bryce’s story.

My thoughts – I’m not ready to write his story yet, he is only 8 years old and has a full life to live yet.  Hardest one yet for me.  There would be some very hard to read truths.  I don’t want to do this one yet.

So, I don’t know what I want to do blog-wise or thesis-wise, I probably have some other ideas, but this list is breaking them down into base ideas for now, easily expanded upon.  I know that ideas 3 and 4 will be the hardest ones yet, and both of them will require a lot of soul-searching and honesty – I don’t think I would call that creative writing, both more like memoirs, not sure if suitable for either a creative writing thesis or a blog.

Idea 2 I like the best because I like the idea of one person in many situations, imagine someone who can be a historical fiction or a horror or a comedy and seeing how they cope.  I wouldn’t say someone who was time shifting, but a similar concept – genre-jumping?  Is that a word?  Maybe I should research this idea more…  It’s kind of appealing…

Has anyone read any similar type of work? Any suggestions?

I started this blog with some ideas but no direction, now thanks to some random thoughts and writing, I now have an idea that appeals, that at least warrants some research and investigation, an idea I can take to my advisor to see what she thinks of the concept.

Thanks for reading.