February 1 2016

Day 1 – CHD Awareness Month

Today is the first of February, and while most people think of celebrating love and romance, there are a few of us with something else on our minds – CHD Awareness!

I am going to teach about CHD, what it is, how affects children and their families.  I am going to overload you with information and facts, AND I am going to spam you with photos – there are a number of photo challenges this month that I am going to participate in.

My aim is to make at least one person aware of and informed about CHD.

Before I go any further, I guess I should tell you why CHD and raising awareness of it is important to me and my family.

My son, Bryce, now 8 1/2 years old, was born with congenital heart defects. I will go into details in later posts about exactly what his CHD’s are and how they affect him, and in turn us, for now it is sufficient to say that he only has half a heart.  He has undergone two open hearts surgeries and number of other related procedures, endured months in hospital and is on medication for the rest of his life – however long that may be.

That is why raising awareness of CHD is important, because the more people who are aware, the babies we save by early diagnosis, the more money can be raised used to fund research as well as support HeartKids and their families, the more people talk about it the better.

When I was told that my unborn baby had heart issues, I was unprepared and have never heard of CHDs – I am now living in a totally different world.  Being a parent is hard, demanding and joyful, being a Heart Parent is twice as hard, twice as demanding and joy is hard to find, especially when your child is struggling to breathe and there is little you can do to help them.

What is CHD?What is CHD Awareness I hear you ask?

CHD stands for Childhood Heart Disease.

These are diseases or illnesses which affect the heart, lungs, arteries, veins, etc of children.

CHD can be either:

  • CONGENITAL – meaning that the defects are present at birth
  • ACQUIRED – meaning that disease developed in childhood through illness

About 1 in 100 babies have congenital heart defects.


2016 Sweetheart Day 01Sweetheart Day Photo Challenge

Day 1 – Something Red

This is a photo of Bryce with a beautiful material red rose he gave me several years ago.

#SweetHeartDay #showyourheart


2016 HeartKids Awareness Month Day 12016 HeartKids Awareness Month

Day 1 – Heart Child/Heart Angel

This is Bryce tonight being silly so I could take a photo of him for the challenge.

On days like this, at times like this, I am grateful every day for the hard work, talents, skills and patience of the doctors, nurses and other professionals who have helped us get Bryce to where he is today.  He continues to improve daily and is a funny, weird, intelligent, amusing, creative boy.

Today also is a chance to remember those poor little souls who are struggling and fighting hard in the war on CHD, to remember those angels who have left us behind while they fly high and adventure well and watch over us.

Rest in peace beautiful angels.

#myheartkid #HKAwarenessPhoto #HeartChild #chdawarenessmonth #chdawareness #1in100

So please take the time to research and learn about CHD, talk to your family, talk to your friends, talk to your work mates, spread the word about CHD.