December 9 2015

Welcome to my space


Maybe you’ve been here before, maybe you haven’t, either way welcome to my space.

IF you have been here, it was probably a long time ago, I haven’t written anything on here for YEARS!  That is about to change.

You see, I am returning to the world of academia to complete the final year of the Master of Letters in Creative Writing.

8 years ago, I had to give up my studies because I had a child, that in itself is not unusual.  What made our situation difficult is that my son was born with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD).  Without going into specifics at this time, he was essentially born with half a heart.  He has undergone a number of open heart surgeries and other related procedures.  At times he has been a very sick little boy.  This made it very hard for me to complete the final year (thesis year) of my MLitt, so it’s been on hold for all that time.

I am now at a point in my life where my son is stable, healthy as he can be, and managing well.  This means less stress and worry for us.  It also means that I am at a better place emotionally and mentally.  I am ready to face a new challenge – complete my thesis for my Masters.

Now, I can hear you asking what on earth all this has to do with my reopening my blog.  It’s quite simple really, my blog is going to my writing practice forum.  I am so out of practice with writing and apprehensive about what I have to do next year to complete my thesis that I have decided that I need to get into some writing habits and get some practice before I start my thesis in March.  So I decided to reopen my blog and use it for my practice.

One of my ideas is to get some writing prompts and just write whatever comes to mind with little to no editing, just to write and see what happens.  Hopefully this well get the creative juices following and get me back into the writing frame of mind.

I am also going to use it to raise awareness of CHD’s and hopefully educate some people along the way, because trust me – it’s scary stuff.

I will also use this blog for more personal stuff like sharing my recipes and information about unicorns.  (BTW I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS!)

I welcome constructive and appropriate feedback on my writing, personal attacks are not welcome.  I aim to write something everyday, even if it is just a recipe.

I hope you enjoy reading this – and if no one is reading that’s ok too – this mainly for me.

I guess this counts as my first day of writing practice – wasn’t that hard…  Setting up the blog on the other hand, that has its issues.



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